Breaking: Mars becomes the second planet that has more computers running Linux than Windows.

"I will slaughter you" - some emails penetrate even my thick open source maintainer skin. Like this threat.

On how people forget how miserable school was 

“Do Adults Really Not Remember School Sucked? - Ian Welsh”

I will never get this. School was a miserable experience for me. I did really well but hated every moment. Pretty much everybody I went to school with hated it as well. Even disregarding the horrible teachers I had*, the overall school experience still sucked

*: I had at least five teachers who were genuinely evil people and seemed to thrive on the misery of children.

Jag har svårt att uttrycka i ord riktigt hur deprimerad den här typen av nyheter gör mig. Inte bara hur illa folk behandlar andra varelser i allmänhet men också hur vi uppenbarligen inte kommer lära oss något av pandemin och kontor vs. hemarbete osv.

“A female colleague and [I] had dared to discuss wage transparency and gender pay gap in the office … Unfortunately we miscalculated – our boss Matthias was beyond furious. After that office meeting, he told my colleague ‘there will be consequences.’ … I want to expose the hypocrisy and double standards in FSFE leadership. How the organisation ‘promoting’ transparency, equality and inclusivity treats employees and more specifically women.”

I’ve also released my full length OP-Z-based album on, a possible future alternative to the major streaming platforms. ✊

"I urge them to listen to the science and act now before it’s too late. They say that [..] when I grow up I too can become a politician and make a real difference in the world. I then explain that when I’ve grown up and finished my education it will be too late to act if we are to stay below the 1.5°C – or even 2°C – target. [..] Then they laugh nervously and start talking about something else." - @gretathunberg

Guess which one is the $7.5B company with 1,000 employees, and which is the $60K company with one employee

Now that everybody is working from home, we had some Lightning Talks in preparation to next weekends a Open Source conference (by @e8johan), this year virtual on YouTube.

But anyway, we hat a guy from SUSE (@krig) who has been working from home for 7 years and he was talking about some of the pitfalls and failures to avoid (10 minutes):

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