”When we measure global poverty using evidence-based poverty lines, the story changes completely. At the $7.40 threshold – which is still at the low end of the metrics scholars have proposed – we find that the number of people in poverty hasn’t declined at all. Rather, it has grown dramatically since 1981, going from 3.2 billion to 4.2 billion, according to World Bank data.” newint.org/features/2019/07/01

"It’s nice to believe that we would have stood up to Nazi Germany if we had been there in the 1940’s. China is our generation’s chance to prove ourselves of that conviction." drewdevault.com/2019/11/20/Chi by @sir

The apocalypse is not imminent. It is already here.

"In annually sampled grasslands, biomass, abundance and number of species declined by 67%, 78% and 34%, respectively."


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General Castellaw: “So this is far more than an environmental problem. It’s a humanitarian, security and possibly military problem too.” #ClimateUrgency twitter.com/nytclimate/status/

Blizzard suspends professional hearthstone player over Hong Kong comments


It should go without saying, but needs to be said, that I condemn China's treatment of Hong Kong, support everyone's right to self-governance, and condemn Blizzard for their actions here.

I don't think I've ever seen any service apply content abbreviation and hiding as badly as GitHub.

A file has lots of changes? GitHub will helpfully hide it from you, so you don't need to worry about it.

Lots of comments? Don't worry, GitHub is here to hide them from you so your day isn't ruined.

And just today? They added a feature to let you mark specific lines that your comment applies to? What does GitHub do with this new information? It abbreviates it and just shows the last few.

I'm trying to pick up some @godotengine now that I have to rest a week. Now I have something basic in place.

(the framerate is excellent - it is the gif that is shitty)

”Surely we would be fools if, having understood the logic of this terrible process, we assumed that it might not go on in its glutton’s optimism until it achieves the catastrophe that is its logical end.”

"This may be why people with such minds, as they approach the top of the political hierarchy, so readily sell themselves to ‘special interests.’ They cannot bear to be unbossed. They cannot stand the lonely work of making up their own minds."

"The idea of people working at home, as family members, as neighbors, as natives and citizens of their places, is as repugnant to the industrial mind as the idea of self-employment. The industrial mind is an organizational mind, and I think this mind is deeply disturbed and threatened by the existence of people who have no boss." - Wendell Berry

From self.com/story/just-cook-more-:

"Not everybody has the time or means to cook healthy meals from scratch, so let’s not pretend it’s that simple."

No, it's not that simple, but it's not that complicated either. #cooking yourself + eating + dealing with dishes takes around an hour on average which is hardly much longer than most people spend on take-outs, and *definitely* beats any sit-in meal time.

The algorithm ensures us that to continue emitting cataclysmic levels of pollution will guarantee increased profits in the upcoming quarter

The story about data analysis by Target from ”The Power of Habit” is a very compelling argument for why capitalism and tech will ensure the end of humanity

Gal viþ galanda
viþr gangla
viþr riþanda
viþr rinanda
viþr sӕtianda
viþr siglanda
viþr faranda
viþr fliuganda,
skal all fuþ ana,
ok am døia.

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