Will upgrade this instance now, expect some shorter downtimes later this evening.

I've been thinking of adding an ACC service status account here, but managing multiple accounts on the same instance seems a bit painful.

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FYI: We're working on the backend of ftp.acc.umu.se this evening, it should be back in a couple of hours.

The work is moving the disk shelves to a new server, which is newer and better. It also has space for one more shelf, so we can start a rotating replacement going for 3T drives to 8T drives and increase the available space for mirrors.

Finally figured out why the new firefox version (89) was so horribly slow (multi-second lag). Apparently it is totally incompatible with having a DPI setting in X for scaling.

Now I just have to deal with everything else being tiny...

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Freenode changed hands, things are going south, and the community is jumping to libera.chat and other alternatives. End of an era.


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I saw this Onion story and loved it, but I love it even more knowing that it hurt Elon musk's feelings

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Shoveled a lot of snow so far this weekend. And not done yet.

OK, time for a second attempt at major intervention with the matsodon.acc.umu.se instance, starting in 1-2 hours from now, and downtime hopefully not lasting more than 1-2 hours either.

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