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I saw this Onion story and loved it, but I love it even more knowing that it hurt Elon musk's feelings

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OK, time for a second attempt at major intervention with the instance, starting in 1-2 hours from now, and downtime hopefully not lasting more than 1-2 hours either.

Never mind, some test work showed issues before I got to the production instances, so this will happen at a later point in time.

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I'm planning to do some major maintenance on the ACC mastodon instances this evening.

If all goes well, not more than an hour or so of downtime, but it could be longer. No data should be lost though.

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Todays whiff of the future:

The town I live in got new garbage collection vans a couple of months back, so now, instead of hearing loud engine noises for 30-60 minutes every collection day (I live high up in a dense neighbourhood), I now hear.. basically nothing.

Because they switched the vans from diesels to pure electric.

It's glorious.

And I have to say I am so happy for the ears of the workers, because damn, the diesels were _loud_.

Fixed now, but don't really know exactly what went wrong.

Show thread currently down, ran out of time trying to figure out why, will maybe try later this evening.

If someone knows what's up with this:

[526433] Puma starting in cluster mode...
[526433] * Version 4.3.3 (ruby 2.6.6-p146), codename: Mysterious Traveller
[526433] * Min threads: 5, max threads: 5
[526433] * Environment: production
[526433] * Process workers: 2
[526433] * Preloading application

Some help would be nice.

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We got all the running servers moved to the new room at ACC!

We're a few levels behind on mastodon, so there will be an upgrade shortly. Hopefully a quick and easy one with just a short downtime as services are restarted!

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