@selea I'm not sure I could be paid enough to be on call for windows servers.

@selea Luckily we don't have windows servers, so on call is alright.

Got myself some tour skates and took an awesome trip on one of the nearby lakes. Great fun, looking forward to doing it more!

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So, lets have a go at this magic upgrade thing!

Hopefully downtime will be short, and happiness maximal!

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Nice glacier panorama from this summer's hike.

@Linuxtjej The best I've gotten is to wriggle my fingers inside and pet it a bit, but for my travel-hating cats that has just been a short distraction before complaining again.

Getting to the destination as soon as possible is the only thing that really helps.

moderation notice: got rid of newjack.city, unexplained suspected weirdo data miner.

@Linuxtjej Yup, and I slid into it during my student days which is similar enough to studying for it.

Look at the time, it's almost upgrade oclock. Here's to hoping for a quick and painless one!

@lain One of my favorite takes on a really interesting period in the history of Arda.

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