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I plan to upgrade 2.8.0 soon, enjoy the ride and hope for new and shiny shortly!

@selea you mean the old debian release that's so old it's been removed from the main archive?

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I blogged about an interesting problem & solution with ARM and faking Raspberry Pis

Bye after several very nice workshop days here, would love to return to this venue for future meetings.

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40 different cakes baked by @maswan. Happy Birthday! 🎉🎊🎊🎂🍰

@mikael @zorun yup, I offered to host one last year, but other things have kept popping up with higher priority, like trusty -> bionic for the main ACC environment. I'll pick that thread up now.

@skalman bake several cakes to get ready for the long-expected party

@fribbledom I could see this in a howto, but not in a tutorial. For a tutorial user, the project is likely to be dropped at the first stumbling point, and a deeper understanding is not the point of a tutorial.

@pettter @nikola @manchot Nope, requires an email, that's all.

It's fairly difficult to get an application approved to get the personal data from the central system for privacy reasons.

I hear there's a new update around, short downtime in a few minutes, I think.

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