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+ I'm old enough to remember the Web of the 1990s/ 2000s.
It was a maze. You followed hypertext links, stumbled into forums and early troll-caves, used Slashdot and GoTo, experimented with LiveJournal and Blogger.

It wasn't safe, it was filled with weirdness, appealed heavily to geeks and loners. Being on the web in that era was a serious trip.

But it wasn't corporate. It wasn't the tool of major governments, yet. It was defiantly decentralised, and when you were online...

... you felt free.

Hey, about time to get around to upgrading mastodon. Short downtime coming up in a few minutes.

@jpmens For we use 600s, because that's how long we can reasonably wait until we take a fronted down for maintenance. More than twice that isn't really feasible, at that point clients would just hit errors more often.

This user is a cat. You can help it by providing more food, please.

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Now that I am awake, let me once again wish everyone a good Stanislav Petrov Day. On which we remember that on this day in 1983 a Soviet soldier, at the cost of his job, exercised his common sense and prevented an accidental nuclear war.

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I joined the ACC - the university computer club, and now I have access to a computerlab, printer, scanner, 64 GB space and my own domain. Neat! 😀

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It really is clear when the Debian Buster release happened to our file archive.

Thanks @debian !

So, how about a nice cup of 2.9.2 upgrade?

Short service interruption here in a little bit.

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@Linuxtjej Sounds like a good plan, I don't have any useful tips outside of IT and Outdoors clubs though.

@Carnet GIMPNet would be the obvious candidate, since that's where it is developed.

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