@fribbledom I could see this in a howto, but not in a tutorial. For a tutorial user, the project is likely to be dropped at the first stumbling point, and a deeper understanding is not the point of a tutorial.

@pettter @nikola @manchot Nope, mastodon.acc.umu.se requires an @umu.se email, that's all.

It's fairly difficult to get an application approved to get the personal data from the central system for privacy reasons.

I hear there's a new update around, short downtime in a few minutes, I think.

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@tomas @emelie Well, mastodon.acc.sunet.se, men ja (umu är den lilla instansen i en VM som bara tillåter @umu.se registreringar, sunet är öppen och vi är beredda att skala den hårdvaran när det behövs).

Jag ska ta och fixa så att övriga skandinaviska språk är listade.


Hmm, vår öppna ACC-instans har en del användare från arvet av Nordic University Conputer Club Conference, men jag tror inte att vi vill exkludera engelska (eller finska för den delen).

Det trevliga här är ju dock att det är gratis att drifta, och det inte direkt finns någon övre gräns annat än att hitta moderatorer i samma takt som trafik.

@thor @Glectonzo @emelie

Upgrade is coming, except a short downtime soon

@elomatreb port 80 likely ruined by "transparent" proxies for a significant part of the internet.

@mona @natecull

How the politicians feel about lying doesn't really matter, only what the voting public thinks. And this is why I think this is so important, if we accept lies we give up on democracy. Accountability is necessary (but maybe not sufficient) for this to work.

So no. I don't think that demanding truth too much to ask and then fire the politicians that lie to me about important things.

Oh, and the sincere fascist I already know how to avoid voting for.

@mona @natecull I utterly reject this, without truth there can be no democracy. That we need a system that can handle imperfect truth is true, but to go from there to "politicians are going to lie, we just have to deal with it" is crap. This is why the free press has been such an important part of democracy, and we can see recent failures hurting us.

Also why Arendt came to the conclusion that the war on truth is an essential and devastating part of totalitarianism.

@natecull I think it is a (on purpose?) cut from having a *hidden* agenda. I want politicians voting for what they say for the reasons they claim.

@selea I'm not sure I could be paid enough to be on call for windows servers.

@selea Luckily we don't have windows servers, so on call is alright.

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