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Unix tip: "killall" is a linux-ism that may or may not do what you intend if you run it on other *nixes.

pkill, however, seems to have generally the same semantics everywhere it's been implemented.

Happy fun instance maintenance time again!

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Software in the 80s and 90s was called programs. These programs were designed to solve problems. Today each line of code has been commodified into what we call apps. Where the motivation behind programs was solving problems, behind the app is the question, "Will it make money?"

And now we're on 2.1.0, with lists and neat stuff!

New Mastodon version about, so upgrade time soon.

Nice meeting with EISCAT_3D today, lots of interesting stuff to figure out the next couple of years in order to build the networking, storage, computing, and software infrastructure needed to make great science possible.

Upgrading some build servers, so we can get new shiny builds faster.

Look how new these severs look! They're about five years newer than the previous ones!

And time for a delicious upgrade, I think.

maswan boosted is looking for fun project to host to beef up their bandwidth usage. Currently major mirrors of Debian, Firefox, Ubuntu, GNOME, and a number of other major FLOSS projects. They currently fill their 20G pipe only rarely, so they'd like some more, in order to argue for a 100G pipe eventually :)

Ideas from the !fediverse?

FYI: I'll be updating the ACC instances to the new shiny emojoful version when I'm back from all my travelling, in a week or two.

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I think we had a bit of trouble, the nginx config was a front to mastodon processes at http://localhost - but the mastodon processes were only listening on legacy IPv4.

Updated to point towards, and I see fewer errors in the logs, and I can update my profile pic. Sorry if it broke anything else.

Upside of last flight home in the evening is a late one: More nights in own bed instead of airport hotels.

Downside of last flight home being a late one: Long tired wait followed by getting into bed at too late o'clock.

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