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Huh, turns out I need to redo my pinned :

I've been on the fediverse since a _long_ time, previously mostly on, seen a lot of things move, seen a lot of things cool down.

I am, in no particular order, a musician of various kinds, a programmer, an academic, a white cis guy, a hacker, a burned-out activist ( among other things), a teacher, a student, appreciative and occasionally a contributor of art, of thought, and of justice.

Umeå, SE he/him

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I think I am going to attempt to construct a collection of lightweight, low powered, small, whimsical applications, and find a way to interact with them that I don't despise.

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there’s trans clothing exchanges, but I wish there were trans dressing skill exchanges, where we shared literally just our knowledge of how to put together an outfit

I could write books on choosing femme clothes for different body types and what kind of makeup works best for different faces, but the moment I step into the men’s section and have to choose between functionally identical pairs of slacks I’m at a loss

Swepol, elections 

Jinxed it.

But we're going to have to wait for the final results to be sure what way it leans.

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Swepol, elections 

The racists seem to become the second largest party but the not-racist-supporters seem to have a slight lead so far.

Fingers crossed I guess.

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Instead of technologies, talk about practicalities. Instead of separating developers from users, have discussions about innards where anyone interested is invited to have a look. This isn't about making things more accessible to end users, but helping the practice of making software more culturally grounded and relevant, opening the windows to let out the bad air.

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Whatever artistic or cultural statement organizers of #BurningMan planned to make this year will never be as important as the statement inadvertently made when all those people in the desert tried to drive home.

The most powerful cultural force in North America —car dependency.


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image hidden for eye contact, but there's a kitten so you should consider clicking 

I think I forgot to introduce this little man here! This is Veggie S Picante (short for Veginald Seamus, obviously). He is 11 weeks old, ish.

This is his second week with us. One of our cats has accepted her role as his beloved senpai, and the other is still failing Will saves and thus not ready to be pals yet.

I am teaching him what this thing is for because he's not quite confident in his ability to jump up on laps so he's still sort of digging in his claws and attempting to climb our pants and/or flesh (presumably to the Gargoyles opening theme). This contains all the baby razors while still letting him get adequate cuddles.


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move over, public universal friend 

make some room for

Conspicuous consumption, tech whining 

I did a Consumer(tm) and got myself a new gaming laptop. Trying it out without reinstalling it with Linux, my first impression is that it... Kinda crashes and fails just as much for games as Linux does, just in different ways and with different solutions.

Just with a hell of a lot more ads and logins and EULAs

I'll be installing Linux on here Soon(tm)

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This is not a drill, new Powderpaint music alert 

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I've never really got into submitting my research to academic journals, they're super hard to access and read even when you work for an institution that subscribes to them, have very long delays from submission to publication, and are often super expensive to publish open access (££££s)..
That's been fine because google scholar is good at picking up conference papers etc that other citation databases do not.
But I just had the realisation that if google scholar went away (which is entirely possible, based on google's record) then I'd have no record of my work or its citations.. and I'm not sure what to do about that. I've been thinking of uploading all my papers to zenodo, but despite having DOIs, stuff there is practically ignored by other databases (including google scholar!). I'm not sure what to do about this..
Academic publishing and reporting is a total mess, completely compromised by publishing companies like Elsevier, with absolutely *astonishing* profit margins, and heavy investments in fossil fuels..

AI art meta 

To me, what AI art is and can never do is to be more interesting the more you look at it.

It's always some variation of "yeah that looks cool" and as you start zooming in on details it just immediately (or eventually) breaks down.

This is also true for text and audio. Same deal, can be interesting at a first glance, but is simply unable to have the kind of deep fractal meaning that people can put into art.

AI will never make Stalker (1979) but might come up with the next Marvel.

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Can’t log into signal or telegram on work desktop because I don’t have a smartphone with me.
Normal messengers.

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I would like to ask a slew of random questions about Worldcon of the people who follow me who do not know what the hell Worldcon is or haven’t attended or viewed it or the Hugo Awards. If you’re a mutual in SFF fandom, I would love it if you retweeted these tweets.

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weird how "back to normal" is just the pandemic continuing with 2 more pandemics added

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We live in a time of “behavioral exhaust”, where megacorps have discovered how to make profits out of volunteer labour.

We don't yet have a counter strategy for this, which doesn't end up excluding other commoners. Copyleft is only a partial solution.

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early gender experience: Haku from Naruto was the original Femboy for many of us

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im still losing my shit over this taylor swift jet take. the argument against the individualization of climate responsibility is that normal people shouldn't guilt themselves for like, going on a road trip in their car, which is individually a drop in the bucket.

tswift's jet emissions from 2022 are about on par with the Republic of Vanuatu's. one american celebrity uses as much carbon as an entire Pacific island nation.

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@RussellsBarbershopQuartet environmentalism without class awareness means we all have shitty paper straws while billionaires take plane rides from one side of LA to the other

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