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Huh, turns out I need to redo my pinned :

I've been on the fediverse since a _long_ time, previously mostly on, seen a lot of things move, seen a lot of things cool down.

I am, in no particular order, a musician of various kinds, a programmer, an academic, a white cis guy, a hacker, a burned-out activist ( among other things), a teacher, a student, appreciative and occasionally a contributor of art, of thought, and of justice.

Umeå, SE he/him

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Organising a collaborative event for postgraduate students in my department with some colleagues. We have a peer-to-peer skill-sharing session. Think at the different stages of your MA/MPhil, PhD, early postdoc days. What's the most useful thing to know?

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Dear #linuxaudio people

We do have really nice #audio #plugins, but do you miss having equally nice presets?

There are some nice synth presets around once you take the time to dig several websites, but nearly nothing for other plugins?

So what kind of presets do you wish would exist?

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So, how do people run their own personal #fediverse instances? What software? Self-hosted or paying for hosting?

To do my part in ensuring the fediverse stays diverse, I think I'd rather not use mastodon. Also, I'd rather not run that kind of bloat on my small homelab when selfhosting


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@qnm @cwebber There are two problems with content or site blocking:
- When it blocks things it wasn't intended to block
- When it blocks things it was intended to block
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Do you have a subscription to Disney+ Internet? Oh, only Netflix Internet? Dang, I really wanted to show you this website.

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Its time for my regular "why do I even have a job right now the climate is dying we should all go on strike".

Why tho

...and this is something I do "at the same time" that I do work (I do not do good work at the moment).

Presenting a paper next week and uh.. the presentation... has slides?

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Been listening to every possible recording I can find of Dvoraks cello concerto in B minor since I'm playing it with the local amateur symphony orchestra this weekend and I don't feel I've gotten enough practise in..

Dvorak was one hell of a composer.

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crypto bullshit, crash 

Oh, and Bitcoin is also tanking.

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crypto bullshit, crash 

It is _very funny_ that the first major "algorithmic stablecoin", something which is necessarily based on air and promises, just imploded.

As in, it's supposed to trade for (close to) a dollar, and it's now trading at less than a third of that.

And its backing non-stable coin has crashed uh... 98% in 24 hours.

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Shoutout to starlings for making the weirdest noises

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The information Elsevier tracks and resells about the scientists who access its journals:

An EU GDPR personal information request reveals not just dates and times from journal paper reading, writing, and reviewing data but also user names, phone numbers, and bank account information, whether you read the emails from them, and a huge list of the spam newsletters that they subscribe you to.


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I’ve known at least two people who moderated for who did 40+ hours of work for below part time wages (I don’t know if current mods are still given any sort of money)

They ended up burnt out, depressed, in some instances dangerously so… but kept doing it because not only did they genuinely care about the platform, they desperately relied on the scraps of money they were given to do it.

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Begpost, please boost! 

If you're feeling generous, money has been tight since I left my abusive workplace. I’m preparing to move out at the end of May, so anything you can give to help me make that process easier I would be extremely thankful for, because I’m going to need help getting my stuff out, and gas alone is nightmarishly expensive. Additionally I have medical bills I could really use help paying off from a hospital visit. 💜

Thank you again, any amount is so so so so appreciated <3

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Today, EFF and other civil society organizations issued a damning report about the prosecution of open source software developer and security expert Ola Bini, whose trial may come to an end next week.

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If you are new to the fedi and not finding it the community driven space you were made to feel it would be where you can know your mods and the people around you: get off mastodon social or mastodon online.

For a lot of you, one of those will have been your landing point here. They each have an *enormous* number of users and moderation teams that struggles to keep up. They also don't have blocklists that are as complete as others.

Smaller instances are a very different experience to that.

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This year’s Eurovision Song Contest will begin tonight. A certain number of people will livetoot it, including myself, and CWs are not expected to be used.

So if you do not want to see any related toots in your timelines, I warmly invite you to mute the #Eurovision hashtag for a week.

Similarly, I invite people who will livetoot the event to use that hashtag, so their toots are easier to filter (and will also show up in the pinned search!)

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Installing #PeerTube on your server is like creating your own free-libre alternative to "YouTube", where you choose the name ▶️ ! Documentation and official support will guide you through this adventure.
👉 #FreeTheServers

death mention, work 

A colleague died this weekend in a fire. Not anyone I was particularly close with, but still sad, not least for her family and friends here at work.

Also a profoundly weird vibe, since this hell society has no real way of dealing with a) death b) trauma c) societal bonds.

I'm lying, there are ways and procedures, just not something that is very often talked about openly.

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