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I've been on the fediverse since a _long_ time, previously mostly on, seen a lot of things move, seen a lot of things cool down.

I am, in no particular order, a musician of various kinds, a programmer, an academic, a white cis guy, a hacker, a burned-out activist ( among other things), a teacher, a student, appreciative and occasionally a contributor of art, of thought, and of justice.

Currently in CH, previously in SE.


Tried out migraine. Do not recommend.

Had an aura too, which got me a visit to the emergency room since I had no idea what it was and the nurse i called said to go, since it sounded potentially neurological, or otherwise Bad.

Nope, 'just' migraine.

Still. Do not recommend.

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the wild thing about designing an outlet around "engagement" is that "engagement" is a made-up metric designed to oversell the vanishingly small numbers of users who interact with web ads. and the efficacy of web ads is also made up - they don't drive sales at all. people just got the idea that they should be doing them. it's an economy that tech dudes basically mutually agreed to all pretend to believe in. it's as fake as NFT shit. it should not be driving a business model.

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Found a bug in #SuperCollider semaphores which has probably been there since version 2.

I know I should do a pull request, but it's important to note that I am intensely lazy

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The automated filter system for Youtube comments has apparently decided that comments that mention #OpenStreetMap are bad and should be hidden. 😦😦


It’s true! is hiding comments mentioning “OpenStreetMap”. Watch:


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"It’s strange, isn’t it? The ideology of capitalism is that it is a system that generates immense abundance (so much stuff!). But in reality it is a system that relies on the constant production of scarcity.

This conundrum was first noticed back in 1804, and became known as the Lauderdale Paradox. Lauderdale pointed out that the only way to increase “private riches” (basically, GDP) was to reduce what he called “public wealth”, or the commons. To enclose things that were once free so that people have to pay in order to access them. To illustrate, he noted that colonialists would often even burn down trees that produced nuts and fruits so that local inhabitants wouldn’t be able to live off of the natural abundance of the earth, but would be forced to work for wages in order to feed themselves. "

Degrowth: A Call for Radical Abundance

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> [Truth Social's] terms also say that “all source code” of Truth Social is proprietary. That might run afoul of Mastodon’s own license.

> “The main thing is that Mastodon is free software, released under the AGPLv3 license, so anyone can use it—provided they comply with the license. The main part of the license is making the source code and any modifications to it available to the public,” Rochko told Motherboard.

@Gargron @conservancy 👀

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Shameless plug, I've written a chapter about Mastodon, content moderation, Gab, the Fediverse, and this phenomenon for an upcoming book published by UMD. And here's a video about it, complete with 🎵animation! 🎵

#fediblock #isolatetrump

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@fitheach I am almost certain this is a desperate attempt to cover the absolutely horrible month they had and the presumably damning journalistic investigation supposedly coming very soon:

I mean, if FB's Newsroom already knows about this, it probably means that FB was asked to comment, and that happens within days of publishing a large investigative story.

Yes, I do have my popcorn ready.

Some interesting notes he makes are of the weakness of early states, and the driving force of war in state formation, in particular in Europe. And not only war, but specifically, war between several medium-sized, largely geographically constant states (in their cores, at least).

In particular, he notes that the size of, say France, in terms of both tax income and military in relation to the Ottoman Empire, was comparable in the 1500s but significantly larger in the 1700s and 1800s.

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also makes careful note of What Could Have Been, both in terms of developments within western and coloniser states (Brazil and the US in particular), and within the colonized states, and in their relations to the colonisers, this being a large point of the book, that Another Capitalism Is Possible - a more egalitarian and fair implementation, with proper redistribution and more local governance.

Or at least that It Didn't Have To Go This Way. Which it absolutely didn't.

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is clear about the incredible inequality enforced by the slave societies, and the porous boundaries and sometimes explicity continuity between slavery, serfdom and various forms of forced labour. Given his background, it's not _that_ surprising that he brings up the persistence of forced labour in Algeria and other french colonies, but not of the contemporary use of prison labour in the US, though he brings attention to many other forms of false and failed promises post-US civil war.

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OK I'm now through Part 2 of , and while there are some snags (like the above post) it's mostly a pretty good overview of the various bad shit and lasting damage that western european dominance has done to colonized countries, and the hollowness and falseness of the various excuses given through history.

There are some interesting new data that is new to me, in particular on military spending and tax quotas of historic states, too.

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was talking with my buddy Nitro this weekend about how weird it is to be called a "queer elder" at 35 when like... our friends in their 60s are RIGHT HERE, still playing, still sharing. There's a weird generational rift where kids in their 20s just, like... don't seem to realize how broad the spectrum of experience is.

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We need more *slow, incremental* change in the tech industry.

When somebody claims they are "revolutionalising" or "reinventing" something, be afraid. Be very afraid.

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Want to support unions and striking workers? Well did you know that you could join a union without organizing your workplace? And you don't have to disclose to your employer your in one?

So what does this help?

Your membership dues help striking workers successfully stage a strike. And the more memberships a union has, the more powerful it becomes!

Need a union?

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#fedijam #fediverse #gamedev #gamejam

In the hindsight, it seems inevitable, but here on FediJam we have struck a new gamejam genre: A federated jam in wich contenstants' DIFFERENT games try to federate over an ad-hoc communication standard.

@humanetech , you were interested in federated games? Well, maybe there will be some >_<

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