birbsite bullshit, cancel culture 

Seems a lot of liberals and leftists, as they gain followers and notoriety, also gain the opinion "it should be illegal to @ me".

If they didn't already hold that opinion, that is.

birbsite bullshit, cancel culture 

Like, there's two very clear examples, in my mind: One is Contrapoints, who's said a bunch of stupid things at various points, and got onto the Bad Faith pod (itself a... chapter) advocating social media judges and whatnot after being cancelled a couple of times.

The other is Abi from PhilosophyTube, who did an off-color joke last november while still closeted, and basically.. didn't mention it at all. Not to respond, not to call out the people going after her.>

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birbsite bullshit, cancel culture 

And it's just.. Yeah, if you're being bullied you need to stand up for yourself. But if you're getting pushback or become Main Character of Twitter for a day or two, especially if you have a following already, the best way really _is_ to "just ignore it".

That can mean giving your account to a friend to deal with torrents of abuse for you, or Logging Off for a while, but the point is that you shouldn't land in "it should be illegal to @ me".

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