Didn't know Matrix was VC-funded. Another reason to avoid it I guess :(

@pettter Yuck. Makes me wonder just how complex that stuff is, if such funds are needed. It's "just" a chat platform; it should be possible for a single person to implement it without too much trouble if it's supposed to be the future, IMO. (Using existing crypto/other libs of course.)

@pettter At one of my first tech jobs I made an XMPP client for a website. It didn't take so long. That was without OMEMO or other extensions but still. I was but a noob.

Yeah I honestly don't understand what Matrix does that XMPP doesn't. Migration of channels between servers maybe? That could be added as an XEP no problem.

I dunno.

The q with VC funding is always "ok so you're going to go meteoric - how?" Because running sustainable is simply not enough for VCs.

The answer is usually either 'monopoly' (which needs enforcement mechanism, i.e. centralisation), or 'going bust and selling off all assets, including user data'.


For example: Soundcloud took VC funding massively and fucked over their users in so many ways. Bandcamp did once back in 2010 and never since then.

@pettter Yeah. I'm waiting to see how Telegram will monetise. 1 billion+ USD to pay back, "a couple of hundred million" more per year needed, sitting on a treasure trove of user data. Doesn't bode well.

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