I'll be biking around the Netherlands for a few days in June - we've got four days starting and ending in Amsterdam - any good tips from the fediverse? Boosts welcome!

@pettter Loads of tips! What are you looking for? Nature, cities, beaches, etc?

@pettter There is a great bike route planner: en.routeplanner.fietsersbond.n. You can also download as an app (although I don’t know if it works in English):

You can plan the routes by nodes (, that are signposted along the way.

what to visit in the Netherlands 

@pettter If you want to enjoy nature and don't mind too many hills, I enjoy cycling in the area of Hilversum and Soest. A bit further on in that direction is Utrecht, my favourite big Dutch city.

Another option is to go southwest in the direction of Lisse, to the tulip fields. There probably won't be many flowers left in june unfortunately. Leiden is a great little city over there.

finding convenient cycling routes in the Netherlands 

@pettter the Dutch vehicle travel organization ANWB has a system of "fietsknooppunten", which are marked waypoints with a map and often a few amenities like a picknick table. To plan a route you can just note the numbers of the waypoints in the right order, there are little signs next to the path directing you to the next point.

what if your bike breaks down in the Netherlands 

@pettter Dutch people are expected to know how to repair a punctured tyre or put back a derailed chain, and many have at least one spare bike per family. This means that especially for small issues bike shops are inconvenient: I've never had a bike shop repair something within a week. OTOH, you can probably ask passers by for help with quick fixes and they probably can help.

what if your bike breaks down in the Netherlands 

@Vierkantor @pettter

I've had better luck than you with emergency repairs while touring.

Locks: in cities, the adage is to spend more on the lock than the bicycle! In little villages, I've left fully loaded touring bikes unlocked without a problem. Maybe this was overly trusting, and I was just lucky.

The systems of tourist cycle routes in the Netherlands is great. Have fun!

what if your bike breaks down in the Netherlands 

@Vierkantor @pettter i've had shops repair things pretty quickly?

Having a tire you "fixed" go leaky again can get old pretty quickly. Not that i am against it, but i tend to just go to a shop for that reason..

protecting your bikes in the Netherlands 

@pettter Bikes get stolen with alarming regularity especially at larger parking spots or in larger cities. Or drunk people throw them in the canal for fun. Use a sturdy chain (1 m long, with a separate lock) and consider leaving a few easily visible superficial issues unfixed (I've got some rust spots on the handlebars) so thieves prefer other bikes.

Don't store racing bikes next to a train station, they will be broken.

what to visit in the Netherlands 

@Vierkantor @pettter Seconded on Utrecht. (Also, hills? 😆)

what to visit in the Netherlands 

@Vierkantor @pettter If you're interested in that sort of thing, I quite enjoyed the Netherlands Open Air Museum at Arnhem.

@pettter cycle east out via Haarlem to Bloemendaal Ann Zee. Nice sea. Possibly cafes.

Head north out of Amsterdam and head for Zaanse Schans. Well preserved historic windmills. Definitely cafes.


@pettter The Kröller Müller museum has a fantastic sculpture park (and an incredible collection of paintings as well).

They also should have a decent van gogh collection. Still want to check them out.

The bit roughly between Amsterdam and Utrecht is the most interesting there. Lots of nice green, lakes and waters, old buildings. If you want to get from one side of a lake like near loosdrecht or vinkeveen, try to take a path that goes right through it. It's a nice experience.

Bring a bike puncture kit and know how to fix your tube, although I don't get flats often, it's a pain to run into when there is nothing about.

The distance is pretty small, but there is a lot to see. Easy to branch out east or west, just need to keep in mind that there aren't that many places to cross the Amsterdam-rijn kanaal/channel.

The app osmand has the bikeroute points build in as well, as others have pointed out, those are quite helpful. You can at times run into nicer routes by avoiding them though. But they're everywhere, so even if you diverge, you'll find another point soon enough.

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