death mention, work 

A colleague died this weekend in a fire. Not anyone I was particularly close with, but still sad, not least for her family and friends here at work.

Also a profoundly weird vibe, since this hell society has no real way of dealing with a) death b) trauma c) societal bonds.

I'm lying, there are ways and procedures, just not something that is very often talked about openly.

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death mention, work 


I'm so sorry.

The whole death-denial in the west is terrible. Trying to have a normal work day right afterward is . . . not going to work.

My instinct is "bring food" but bringing a cake to work seems weirdly associated with celebration, so I don't known what kind of food.

death mention, work 

@pettter Fuck. I'm sorry. This is so horrible.


death mention, work 

@pettter it is so difficult, people we work with are part of our life, we spend so much time at it. I hope you can find a way. :BlobhajfBlobbyHug:

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