Fuck me, the university is killing the domain for the computer club (still quite active, literally one of the biggest mirrors for free software in northern europe in terms of bytes served), and with it a) this mastodon domain (that'll be another fun headache to figure out) b) the e-mail I've been using for all sorts of personal and accounts-based uses for the last 15+ years.

I was maybe needlessly alarmist here; the FTP serving of free software might be "accomodated" which just tells you that a) this is a bullshit change that isn't actually mandated by any law and b) the computer club does have actual power which could be leveraged if escalation is what they/we'd go for. @selea @vfrmedia @e8johan

@selea I've been raging a bit in the IRC channel, as @maswan can attest, but it's not really clear to either of us.

@selea But it looks like they've "suddenly realised" that literally everything under a domain is An Official Statement From The University, and thus has to conform to all sorts of rules and regulations.

@pettter @maswan

Byter till svenska

Det är ju lite absurt detta, att de väljer att stänga det..
Finns det ingen möjlighet att lösa det med subzon eller liknande? Det är ju ett brutalt slag...

@pettter @maswan

Jag har aldrig någonsin sett det så. Bedrövligt att dom "plötsligt kom på" det.
Inser dom konsekvenserna utav detta?

@pettter @maswan

"Några", nej.
Alla de hundratals miljoner servrar som hämtar uppdateringar ifrån er...

@selea @pettter Det verkar som att arkivet kan få vara kvar på sin plats, men mail (och mastodon) behöver byta domän.

Tack för den, jag firar väl 25 år med min email nu i dagarna, "bara att uppdatera" hos alla ställen som har den registrerad och alla som kan tänkas ha den sparad som kontaktinformation.


Kan dom inte ens gå med på att låta era mail vidarebefodras till andra epost-adresser under tiden?

Mastodoninstances får ni väl purga helt då :/

Undrar hur dom tänker ändå...


@selea @pettter Det går okay:ish att byta domän på en mastodoninstans, men alla fediversegrejer spelar inte helt bra med det:

@selea jag ska försöka gräva i saker, men det jag gjort hittills är att tweeta @umeauniversitet... det påverkar studentkåren också, såklart, ås det kanske går att göra nåt där, men jag vet inte än. @maswan

@pettter @selea @maswan Men vad i självaste... det här är ju min fallback-email och allt sedan, vad är det, 21 år? Vad är det här för trams? Vad händer med motsvarande föreningar, Lysator i Linköping och allt vad de heter?

@skalman @pettter @selea Verkar som att KTH inte har lika stora problem, har inte pratat med LiU än. Men UmU är udda i mer än en tolkningsfråga.

@maswan @pettter @selea Jamen vad tusan, ACC får väl konsultera egna jurister eller något?


Det är säker jurister ifrån bolag som vill kränga varumärken osv....

@maswan @pettter

@skalman @pettter @selea Det är troligtvis en dålig ide för föreningen att gå i strid med universitetet som tillhandahåller gratis lokal, el, kyla, och nät.

@maswan @pettter @selea Sant. Men konsultera jurist för att kunna framför argument behöver kanske inte vara en dålig idé?


På något sätt kan jag förstå umu när det gäller mastodon, men att man ska döda eposten förstår jag inte...
@maswan @pettter

@selea @maswan @pettter

"Spontan bedömning utan att veta något om fallet: Är nog inte en juridisk fråga. Det finns knappat någon författning som förbjuder ett tillhandahållande av en underdomän till en förening, men inte heller någon författning som ger rätt att få ha den kvar."

@maswan @pettter Någon tidsplan på det där med migrering? Jag får väl flytta till min egen mejlserver antar jag...

@skalman @pettter Vi väntar på klartecken på att få sätta upp den nya miljön, sedan dröjer det några veckor med allt praktiskt arbete.

@pettter what the heck! That sucks. I guess it is a subdomain under the university domain, so you can't really do anything about it, right?

@e8johan I've been trying to come up with stuff, and I'm sure that the admins and board have done their very best, but they need to keep a good relation with the university still, even in the face of this kind of blatantly destructive policies.

@pettter @e8johan

how come this is suddenly an issue? For around 30 years I've associated Northern European Universities with the sharing of software and resources via the Internet and its been a part of European tech culture (even here in Brexit island) all those decades...

@vfrmedia well it's been declining for a while now, but the IT unit at UmU is a deeply Microsoft shop and seems absolutely intent on making this not be the case in the future. @e8johan


possibly its the "corporatisation" of Universities; as I remember how in 1980s/90s you could just wander into the whole campus, read books in the libraries of any uni (even if you didn't study there or were just in high school) but in the modern ones in my town everything is all locked down with smartdoors etc, I guess this has found its way to the online spaces too..


@vfrmedia That's absolutely a part of it, yes. Also general fear of even appearing to break various laws and regulations, and so yielding to lawyers at every turn. @e8johan

@vfrmedia @e8johan @pettter These 80s…90s memories are from where, approximately? Your memories match mine in that time period in the US, but these things differ from one region to the next. E.g. Facebook has completely invaded Danish campuses, where you’re unlikely to find a single student or school dept. w/out an FB acct. Yet I was relieved to hear a student at a US uni say he knows no one who uses FB.

@koherecoWatchdog @e8johan @pettter

For me it is was SE England and London in 1980s/90s. Of course some areas of a campus like labs would have physical access restrictions on safety/security grounds, and you couldn't take out books unless you were a student at the same institution (or a linked on), but places like libraries, common rooms etc were all open (and there weren't any major safeguarding incidents) >>

@koherecoWatchdog @e8johan @pettter

In contrast I went to a meeting of an environmental activist group at my local University in about 2010 - we had to wait for security to open up some electronic doors and were only allowed into one part of a building and had to be out at a particular time, and the only reason we could go there in the first place was one of the group members was a prof there so had enough clout to get us allowed access...

@vfrmedia UmU campus is still relatively open (as are classes, mostly), though I think most departments have ditched their libraries. The central university library is definitely open to the public, and I think you can even borrow books without uni affiliation, but I'm not super sure about that. @koherecoWatchdog @e8johan

@pettter @e8johan @vfrmedia Well in Denmark it’s a sad state of affairs. Even if you’re a student, you cannot check out a book until you get a CPR# (a social security number) which can take over a month. And even after you clear all hurdles, the library started blocking Tor and a large portion of ebooks were exclusively available through a site in Cloudflare’s walled garden. So it has become a shit show.

@vfrmedia @pettter @e8johan In the US during that time getting online meant using a dialup modem, so university libraries were a way for curious high schoolers to get high speed Internet on UNIX machines, along with lexis/nexis access (which lawyers pay a fortune to subscribe to). I didn’t have to show any docs to get an account. It was so nice to just be trusted. Now you’d probably have to be a student.

@koherecoWatchdog @pettter @e8johan

We definitely didn't have that at UK unis - and even if you were a student they really did *not* like you using the Internet (at least in 1990-92), mostly due to residual Cold War era paranoia of "left wing student movements from Continental Europe" - doing so led to my early exit from higher education!

@pettter @selea @e8johan

it seems like a very silly thing for the University to do, as the computer club and distributing free software/running a social network is surely a source of local and national/international pride? Sweden is well respected in Europe and beyond for tech and particularly contributions to FOSS...

@pettter @selea @vfrmedia @e8johan

This is terribly sad… why didn’t they provide you a justification for this?

@tommi @selea @vfrmedia @e8johan 'Everything under needs to be Official UmU Comms and nothing else'

@pettter @selea @vfrmedia @e8johan

Concerning hosting, instead, who is managing it?

This is crazy. I am very sorry.

@pettter @selea @vfrmedia @e8johan

I guess this speaks for the increasing bureaucratization of the public sector? Rules and regulations, flowcharts and away with true professions. We're all pawns in the Weberian iron cage.

@pettter @selea @vfrmedia @e8johan Thanks for the update. I admit my first thought was the #Wikimedia mirror. (It's by the far the fastest Wikimedia mirror in Europe. Download speeds across the pond tend to be ghastly.)

Is the mirror still supported administratively by the university? For instance, does it accept donations?

@maswan will know best what the current status is, but I imagine they're going to shift more and more things towards the new alternative domains, including the sunet domain... I'd guess that the WIkipedia mirror is a small part of total traffic, though. Either way, the hardware is still going to be there, for now, and money isn't the problem as such.

@pettter @maswan Thanks. I was thinking hardware donations, bandwidth sponsoring and whatnot. All the institutional arrangements needed to keep running such a significant service with acaemic resources.

@nemobis @maswan Yeah, I think that's still Under Control, but obviously with this recent change it all starts feeling more and more loose for the future, at least in my mind, so I'm sure it's appreciated.

@nemobis @pettter We don't have any indications that room, power, cooling, networking, is affected, just the use of the domain. And it is in particular the private usage of the domain, like emails and people's webpages, that is most objectionable.

We still probably will start slowly moving over to new domains though.

Regarding hardware donations, that's always welcome. Especially SSDs is something that is both useful for low latency caches etc and rare to get hold of for us.

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