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pettter boosted is a free open source platform for reviewing anything, supported by data from open sources such as Wikidata, OpenStreetMap etc.

It's sort of a Libre alternative to Yelp.

You can follow the project at:

➡️ @lib_reviews

The project website is at

You can see the code or contribute at

#LibReviews #Reviews #FOSS #FLOSS #Libre #FreeSoftware #OpenSource #Yelp #Alternatives #Business #Travel

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If you make it: A minimum viable product does not need to be:

1. Automated
2. Beautiful
3. Complete

Then you could say: "A MVP need not be ABC" :)

N.b. don't do this to your neighbours. Surveillance is surveillance, and may or may not be illegal in your jurisdiction, but either way is kind of a shitty thing to do to your fellow humans

@ChlorideCull @packbat
Like, it doesn't have to be a very big thing, it could literally be a pair of students working on their somewhat ambitious bachelor's thesis

That might be because researchers/grad students/students are working from home because covid though.

You have language on 'be social, no data mining' in the server rules, which should cover it pretty easily.

@snikket_im That answer makes it sound like you're specifically going beyond XMPP, is that accurate, or is it just a question of which XEPs are implemented by the server and client? @liaizon

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⚠️ Dear Matrix users, a critical vulnerability has been found in several Matrix clients. A coordinated security release is happening today, Monday, Sept 13th. Don't wait, upgrade your Matrix clients as soon as possible ⚠️

More info here:

#matrix #FOSS

@packbat That sounds like a research effort - do you have anything in the TOS against that?

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Est-ce que quelqu'un aurait des ressources en français (originales ou traduites) sur la manière dont les fascistes s'immiscent dans les milieux et la culture geek pour répandre leurs idées et faire du recrutement ? Boosts bienvenus

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We're currently close to bringing support for wxWidgets 3.0 to Tenacity. Although that may result in some mild visual bugs, it will result in the program working in Linux distributions like Devuan, Void Linux, Debian, among others.

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hey #fediverse, I created a list of the sustainable VPS providers with the contributions from you ❤️

thanks a lot to @gert @mxv @jeremiahlee @wklew @petros @redoak @clayton @pettter @minoru @thomas @claus @michiel @wisemonkey @metaphil @ilumium @aligyie @palito

hoped I marked everyone 😅

contributions are always welcomed!

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🇨🇦 election 

Remember that time Trudeau promised electoral reform and then when he got in power, he decided not to because he was afraid that Canadians would vote incorrectly?

Ha ha democracy!

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@herag Labour day is May First. What Americans do is weird and bad and aberrant even in the West.

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@SeanAloysiusOBrien shhh let's keep us-americans believing that democracy is when you get to choose which man will get told what to do by the interests of capital once every four years

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