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Boom boom boom boom, my friends were all exhumed. It's nothing super fancy, just basic necromancy

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"Because they also, in the way old people often do, slipped gently into poverty. Also without anyone noticing. Poor is relative, of course. None of you were rich or had any dreams of being rich or even knew anyone rich. But the widest gulf in the world is the distance between getting by and not quite getting by. Crossing that gap can happen in a hundred ways, almost all by accident. Bad day at work and/or kid has a fever and/or miss the bus and consequently ten minutes late to the audition which equals you don't get to play the part of Background Oriental with Downtrodden Face. Which equals, stretch the dollar that week, boil chicken bones twice for a watery soup, make the bottom of the bag of rice last another dinner or three.

Cross that gap and everything changes. Being on this side of it means that time becomes your enemy. You don't grind the day-the day grinds you. With the passing of every month your embarrassment compounds, accumulates with the inevitability of a simple arithmetic truth. X is less than Y, and there's nothing to be done about that. The daily mail bringing with it fresh dread or relief, but if the latter, only the most temporary kind, restarting the clock on the countdown to the next bill or past-due notice or collection agency call."

-- "Interior Chinatown"

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"so little data" sounds like more than "zero data". wtf is this

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I'll be biking around the Netherlands for a few days in June - we've got four days starting and ending in Amsterdam - any good tips from the fediverse? Boosts welcome!

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CW: History, Nazi Germany 

On this day in 1933 the Institut für Sexualwissenschaft in Berlin was destroyed by Nazis, setting trans rights and healthcare back hundreds of years.

I’m heading to Schwules Museum today to mark the occasion. It’s part of our long history - and we are still reeling from it.


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there is something very sinister in the re-branding of anti-capitalism as anti-consumerism. anti-capitalism focuses critique on the capitalists, the ones with power in the system. anti-consumerism centers the consumer and their habits, shifting blame away from the stewards and beneficiaries of the system towards those implicated in it through no fault of their own.

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Hey, this is May and I am a totally blind mom to 2 awesome little boys, 3 an 5. Would love to find more friends since you can never have too many of those. Feel free to follow me here or on one of my other mastadon accounts, blogs and other social media stuff, lol. Mastadon is the newest so bare with me as I get use to this style of platform, lol. #Introduction #BlindParent #Broadcaster

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#BandcampFriday is here!!

I'll spare y'all's timelines by putting all our music into one post.

#toadlilies - - indie/alternative/shoegaze/dreampop by turns

#CorporateAstrology - - vaporwave ambient, indulgent, wistful, retrowave, self-indulgent electronic music

#LoveAndSleep - - somewhere in space between toadlilies and corporate//astrology

One Stop shop (our label) #OhMyGollyRecords -

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Today is bandcamp Friday! So here's a suggestion - my synthwave-chiptune EP from last year!
》》》FLUX 《《《
> 6 tracks
> fast paced electronic beats
> gameboy bleep bloops in between

#chiptune #bandcampfriday #music #techno

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If you're short on money and sad that you can't participate in #BandcampFriday cheer up! You can have three of my albums for free on #bandcamp if you name $0 as your price. I recommend Dreamshifter but it's your $0, you decide!

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I don't do a LOT of music posting on masto but I wanted to share an album that I'm really proud of here

My bandmates are all geographically dispersed, so a while back we did a songwriting challenge where each month we'd be randomly assigned 3 restrictions and had to write/record/video/ release a song with them before the month was out.

The finished project is called "Twelve Months"

Bandcamp 🎶:

Videos 📹:

#BandcampFriday #chiptune #MastoArt

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@nasser the most fundamental reflex of capitalism is to rhetorically and/or literally push all externalities Somewhere Else and consumers are usually the easiest possible elsewhere.
"we'd stop making plastic bags tomorrow if people stopped buying them!", some asshole has probably proclaimed, at some point.

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@maloki Hey! Thanks for asking. I’m new here. My name is Day (they/them). My music is pretty retro and very pop.

I release new songs every month at, plus bonus material at

Anyone else here making retro guitar pop music?

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re-post of bandcamp link 

@maloki i've already posted this on my own profile but i'll put it down here again 😊

as i'm self-employed now if you feel like throwing a few quid at my music it would be greatly appreciated


please prioritise supporting black, brown, indigenous and POC artists

and then please go ahead and take my music for free - i'm working on new material at the moment and it will give me some nice encouragement to see my older stuff being listened to

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Long: my music projects 

I produce music at a glacial pace, but over the years it adds up. These are the bits that are available online: is my old electronica / noise project. is the math-surf band where I played bass. Only the first two records (Swindon Oasis and Badgerdebon) have my playing on them, but I helped compose some of Dwarf Shortage. is extremely minimal noise / ambient. is a series of Fediverse collaborations, I'm on two of those as Pulsing Bulb.

camembertelectrique.bandcamp.c is an ambient track on this enormous compilation.

You can find other Pulsing Bulb tracks (my most recent stuff) on

Everything is free to download. I accept donations, but am very happy if you just listen.

(Edited and reposted as a non-reply for pinning)

#bandcamp #music #freebies #mastoMusicians #musicCollab

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