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I wanted to call myself "Shellman the Ingenious Tortoise", but it didn't fit the name field on ...

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I'm a father, musician, academic, work psychologist and former sysadmin. Skalman (Shellman) is a character in a Swedish comic for kids. He is an ingenious tortoise who invents all sorts of things, including spacecraft and time machines. He's also a know-it-all, and he slavishly follows his food-and-sleep clock (which is why people used to call me 'Skalman').

I toot as an academic/psychologist as @drbjork and as a musician as @bluebirch. I'm also in Swedish as @fenomenologen.

Is there a alternative to Doodle or When2Meet or similar services?

Switzerland: Someone took Louis Armstrong's "What a Wonderful World" and tried to convert it to a contemporary romantic movie soundtrack.


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Portugal har nice harmonies. Lot's of major 7th. Nice choir. And they can actually sing. One of @Linuxtjej:s favourites.


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So, here's the start of my #Eurovision thread. It's music, after all, and this is my musical alter ego.

I'm boiling my bass strings at the same time, since my son picked up the bass yesterday. 😀

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poetry is when
you add line

and the more lines you
the more
it is

@Gargron Quick question: how do I focus the timeline in the simple (not advanced) web interface so I can navigate toots with j/k or up/down? Can't find a way except clicking a toot with the mouse.

There's only one thing I don't get when navigating the web interface with hotkeys. In the simple web interface, how to focus the timeline so I can move between posts with j/k or up/down? (Selecting the home timeline with g+h, the local timeline with g+l and so on i great, but the timeline isn't focused. I have to click with the mouse.)

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Discovering hotkeys. I can navigate the web interface without mouse or touch pad. Nice!

Obviously, someone had to create a Firefox add-on to fix this:

But why different design choices in the first place?

(I'm actually growing more and more dissatisfied with Firefox, but what alternatives are there?)

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Why do I switch tabs with Alt+1, Alt+2 etc on and Ctrl+1, Ctrl+2 on ? That's incredibly annoying!


Armenia's lyrics begins "can't turn my head off". May she should try the Norwegian way: hallucinogenics?


Understandable they don't want to show their faces. Imagine the shame...

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