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I wanted to call myself "Shellman the Ingenious Tortoise", but it didn't fit the name field on ...

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I'm a father, musician, academic, work psychologist and former sysadmin. Skalman (Shellman) is a character in a Swedish comic for kids. He is an ingenious tortoise who invents all sorts of things, including spacecraft and time machines. He's also a know-it-all, and he slavishly follows his food-and-sleep clock (which is why people used to call me 'Skalman').

I toot as an academic/psychologist as @drbjork and as a musician as @bluebirch. I'm also in Swedish as @fenomenologen.

I wish there was a extension that synced directly with the servers.

With all services I have tried so far I end upp with bookmarks .

I once had this great little app in that locked the screen and forced me to take a pause after a specified period of work. I don't remember its name, but I wonder if there is something similar for session?

Russia asked for access to Delta Chat user data ... so we had some explaining to do :) Cheers to decentralized app designs and the e-mail system's separation of apps and message transport, something that Whatsapp, Telegram and the likes fail to offer ...

Sometimes I really wish I could get a sysadmin job instead of this psychologist stuff. Anyone need an old style sysadmin and developer?

Can I connect a to a somehow? Maybe through some USB to RS232 adapter?

I have always wanted a dumb text terminal in my home. If only I could find a true vintage !

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