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I wanted to call myself "Shellman the Ingenious Tortoise", but it didn't fit the name field on ...

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I'm a father, musician, academic, work psychologist and former sysadmin. Skalman (Shellman) is a character in a Swedish comic for kids. He is an ingenious tortoise who invents all sorts of things, including spacecraft and time machines. He's also a know-it-all, and he slavishly follows his food-and-sleep clock (which is why people used to call me 'Skalman').

I toot as an academic/psychologist as @drbjork and as a musician as @bluebirch. I'm also in Swedish as @fenomenologen.

Ouch. The bathroom renovations became far more expensive than expected.

I should have known.

I'm not particularly impressed by the writing and casting of TV-series, apart from S02E05. The scene between Thomas Jane and Florence Faivre is both well written and beautifully played. It's the most touching scene in the entire series so far (including all five seasons).

I need replacement ear pads for a pair of Sennheiser HD 450 headphones, but they seem to be out of stock everywhere.

Does anyone know where I can find that?

I use todo.txt with topydo ( and Todo.txt for Android ( That solution works well for me.

For work stuff I use Sublime Text with PlainTasks (, but I'm not entirely happy with that solution, partly because of the file format.

I would like to use lists. Are there any apps, CLI tools and editor plugins that support that?

Called for another job interview. I'm having a streak!

There are actually two jobs I'm interested in and they're interested in me. There is a risk I might end up with the privilege of choosing.

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It actually seems like my job situation might get solved, maybe even this week.

That would be wonderful.

I've been using for over a decade. Now I'm tempted to switch to because .

Should I do it?

Vacuum cleaning the fan of your laptop makes it much more silent.

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