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I wanted to call myself "Shellman the Ingenious Tortoise", but it didn't fit the name field on ...

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I'm a father, musician, academic, work psychologist and former sysadmin. Skalman (Shellman) is a character in a Swedish comic for kids. He is an ingenious tortoise who invents all sorts of things, including spacecraft and time machines. He's also a know-it-all, and he slavishly follows his food-and-sleep clock (which is why people used to call me 'Skalman').

I toot as an academic/psychologist as @drbjork and as a musician as @bluebirch. I'm also in Swedish as @fenomenologen.

I had some ice cream today despite being hypersensitive to lactose.


Went to the local board game club with my 13yr old. We played this game, "Seenot im Rettungsboot" (sailors in lifeboats). I won!

But best of all, just about everyone there was smart, odd and probably uncomfortable in social settings – just like my son.

He liked it and want to go there again.

Everyone's right and no one's left at the Republican parties.

Is there is one thing that could make a sysadmin's day easier, it would be users using uBlock or similar. So why?

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The administrator prohibits me from installing uBlock Origin in Google Chrome.

Why? Just why?

I lent it to a friend decades ago, but now I got it back! One of my most precious gems in my book collection.

When I upgraded from Ubuntu 18.04 to 20.04, PHP was removed.


Blog back online, but Nextcloud still broken.

Beautiful autumn day today. Tvärån ("Crosswise Creek") is flooding after the rainfall the last few days.

#Fairphone #FP3 #NGCam #autumn #nature

Just discovered the new encryption functions in , which solved a huge problem for me!

But I don't want to run a 4 GB server on 3 GB memory. And that bug was detected almost two years ago. Was it reintroduced in the last kernel update for 18.04?

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