Everyone in talk about this magical place at the Baltic Sea called Kont. I've lived here for 20 years. Today was the first time I visited the place; @Linuxtjej and I had a simple picnic dinner there.

It was nice, sure, but pretty underwhelming given all the talk. It reminded me of the western Sweden archipelago, only smaller, more pines and the sun in the wrong direction.

I didn't even use my camera much.

@tfb The only borning thing is me in all the photos. @Linuxtjej is a little bit one-sided in her choice of subject matter...

@skalman @tfb You’re so good looking’ I had to post many photos of you 😉♥️

@skalman @Linuxtjej Yeah, it's nice, but... There's better places I prefer along the coast, not far away from there. Like the cliffs south of Bettnessand (especially after a storm) or out by Skaten.

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