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ACC is actively involved in several open source projects and we provide mirrors for Debian, Ubuntu, Gnome and GIMP. We also host servers for the Gimpnet, Freenode, and OFTC IRC networks.

You can read more about our projects and our servers on the ACC website.

Please read over our general usage policy and code of conduct. We hope you'll be happy here, but if you feel it's too strict, there are many other instances to choose from.

General Usage

Accounts on mastodon.acc.umu.se are for personal use only; commercial use is not allowed. If you need Mastodon for your business, why not run your own? :)

We ask that you comply with the rules and usage policy of the Academic Computer Club (ACC):
(in English) (i Svenska)

You may not post (or boost/repost):

  • material illegal under Swedish laws
  • material against the rules of SUNET
  • material in breach of the copyright act
  • material that may damage ACC's public image or its relations with authorities and other institutions

It's the final decision of ACC to judge what material may damage our public relations and take suitable action, which may include removal of the material and suspension of your account.

Code of Conduct

Please remember you're in a public area and what you say here may reach millions of people, many of whom have backgrounds and values that differ from yours; take a moment before posting and think about ways your message may be misunderstood.

You may not use services hosted by ACC to violate another person's integrity. This includes compiling and posting personal information about another person, posting personal communications from a person without their permission, or sending harassing or abusive messages.

Taking part in online interaction obliges the user to comply with the current rules and conventions for computer and net usage (see: netiquette). On Mastodon, this includes using CW and NSFW functions and choosing an appropriate level of public display for your posts.

If you see content which you believe is in breach of these rules, please report it for review.

Reporting an issue

For technical issues, use the administrator contact information listed under "Contact"

For content or abuse issues:

  • if you're a user on mastodon.acc.umu.se you can use the "Report Abuse" function on the post you would like to report;
  • If you're not a user on mastodon.acc.umu.se, or you're an administrator of another server who would like to discuss an abuse report you received about one of our users, please use the administrator email listed under "Contact".
  • For privacy reasons, we will not discuss abuse reports in public channels.


    ACC will do its best to respect individual privacy, but please remember that nothing on the internet is really private and consider anything you say saved forever. Mastodon is not a secure channel for sensitive communication.

    Staff may examine user accounts hosted on the association's equipment if they suspect activity that conflicts with the association's rules.


    mastodon.acc.umu.se federates freely with all other Mastodon and GNU social instances in the network. Federation is a network service and suspension of federation with another server will only be implemented as a last resort in cases of technical difficulties or hostile or malicious activity. If we need to suspend federation with another instance, it will be noted here.

    Currently not federating with: none

    In some cases, it's necessary to "silence" another instance; this is usually due to local legal restrictions and content allowed on those instances. You will still be able to communicate with users on that instance, but their posts will not appear in the public timelines on mastodon.acc.umu.se. Please exercise discretion when boosting posts from these instances.

    Currently silenced:

    • pawoo.net (no media)
    • switter.at (no media)
    Last updated: 2018-03-29